The effect of a twin loss on relationships

(The language of instruction is English)

The experiences in the womb are decisive. It is known from twin research that living twins have a special bond throughout their lives. The effects are even stronger if one of the twins died in the womb. In relationships the experiences from the womb are often mirrored:
eg: - I want to be one with the other, in total symbiotic fusion, everything else is unimportant, sexuality has little place, children have no place - close contact creates panic, although the desire for close contact is enormous - to understand without words and want to be one with someone, disappointments are inevitable - panic anxiety for separation, a relationship ending feels like dying - In the first part of the workshop we show the dynamics in relationships in relation to the twin loss, In part two we show paths of healing. We invite you to participate with practical experiences through beautiful exercises.

Alfred and Bettina Austermann are widely known when it comes to working with twins. Together they have been guiding single-born twins to healing for more than 20 years. Bettina is gestalt therapist NLP practitioner and supervised family constellations by method Bert Hellinger. Alfred's background can be found under 'Speakers'. More info about their work:


Processing Pre-Natal WTS Imprints

(The language of instruction is in English)

This workshop allows you to put into action techniques for resolving the traumatic womb memories that shape us as Womb Twin Survivors.  Tools will be presented for accessing and understanding the dynamics within the womb story with the goal of disrupting old patterns and achieving release in this hands-on, practical approach to processing Pre-Natal Imprints.  Participants will have the opportunity to do their own personal work while learning tools for use at home or in professional therapeutic settings. 

Monica Hudson is a transformational healer specializing in Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome (WTSS) and is the only trainee of Althea Hayton in the world.  She is a twinless twin and womb twin survivor with a background in transformational psychology and art therapy who began organizing workshops in NYC with Althea Hayton in 2009 and became the American representative for Womb Twin (English foundation). She launched an 11-step healing path called Twindividual in 2011, with impressive results that prove the validity of WTSS as well as the effectiveness of the techniques developed to manage and resolve it.  She works with all kinds of former and living twins and multiples to resolve prenatal imprints all over the world.  

More information on or on her personal website


Meet your lost twin

(Possible to follow for non-Dutch speakers)

Aranka Reeuwijk and Hannemiek van Helsdingen take you in this workshop in the world of family constellations with the theme 'Meet your lost twin'. In an hour and a half, we will work with the lost twin piece. How is it, for example, to look into your twins eye? And what's in it for you? 

Aranka (therapist, coach, and chairwoman of ATN foundation) and Hannemiek (Md) have been giving family constellations specifically for this theme for many years. Both are very passionate about guiding the healing of this early trauma. In addition, they recognize like no other patterns and entanglements when it comes to a lost twin. More information about their work together can be found on



Learn to release tension with TRE®

(Possible to follow for non-Dutch speakers)

Do you have physical or psychological problems? Do you know what the cause is or not? Do you want to take control of your body yourself? During the conference, get to know an introduction workshop Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®). In a natural way, you will learn during this workshop how you can release tension and reduce your physical and psychological problems. You do not need to know the cause of the tension and you do not have to go back to a re-experience. Your nervous system finds its way through your body and releases every day and deep-seated tensions. Tensions that, for example, go back to the womb and even before conception. Unconsciously stored tension due to the loss of your twin brother or sister. This dramatic event may have stuck in your body. During the workshop, you will learn how your body deals with tension and what consequences this may have on your health. During a guided session you experience 'the trick of your body' and you come to a deeper relaxation. A sober but very effective way to stress and trauma to be processed! 

Angelique Pollen is a health coach and has worked for more than 33 years in various positions as a nurse (intensive care unit, ambulance). For five years she has been Lifecoach and specialist when it comes to teaching people to release deep-rooted stored traumas in their body. Since 2017 she has been certified TRE® Provider. Read more at



The healing power of the breath & The energy boost

(Two different workshops. Possible to follow for non-Dutch speakers)

Through a simple and profound breathing technique - Rebirthing, or the Consciously Connected Breath - you experience total relaxation, surrender, and ecstasy! During this first workshop, you will be totally amazed by the healing power of your breath! The Consciously Connected Breath helps you to release blockages. The more you can let the life energy flow during the workshop, the deeper the (spiritual) healing that you receive.

'The energy boost' is another workshop.
The causes of illness and fatigue are many, but almost always there is a shortage of energy at the root of illness or discomfort. That is why in this workshop we work with the three elements: attention, breath, and movement to bring our energy level back up to standard. A real Energy Boost! We start shaking off the whole body, followed by a number of simple and powerful exercises from the Qigong. You will then experience more vitality, relaxation, and health.

Arno Nistal ten Veen has more than 25 years of experience in personal growth, breathing, meditation, and yoga. He has met several masters, shamans, and teachers in it. From all those experiences he has now put together a beautiful breath workshop: "The healing power of the breath." A powerful transformation process! More information:



Connect with what is going on

(Possible to follow for non-Dutch speakers)

During this workshop of Karina Stelloo you will make contact via Encaustic Art drawings with what is happening at the moment. That is different for everyone, of course, but the strength of this method is that it gives you new insights about what else is important to see. Or maybe just what is missing and can be seen. Encaustic art is an age-old painting technique where you paint with colored beeswax that you apply to paper with the help of a special iron. The trick is to let go of control and to paint completely intuitively, just from your feeling. In this way beautiful images arise, which can contain a meaning or message for yourself.

Karina Stelloo is a coach/trainer, spiritual coach, life artist and inventor of the Encaustic & Art Coach® program. Intuitive coaching with Encaustic & Art® provides many new insights. Art & Awareness has my absolute passion and lets me discover the depths of life. I then create and inspire others to do the same. On you can find online courses, training, and personal coach trajectories.

First aid for single-born twin babies

You are 8 weeks pregnant and get your first ultrasound. This shows that you are in happy expectation of twins. A few weeks later, one fetus turns out to be no longer alive. You feel confused because, on the one hand, you are happy that the other fetus is healthy and grows well. At the same time, you feel sadness about the lost fetus. And then after a few months, your baby is born and you may still be full of questions. Has it noticed anything of the disappearance of the other person, is it sad, how can I respond best, what does it need ..? During this workshop, she will tell from pre- and perinatal psychology about when and how twin- or multiple-loss during pregnancy is experienced by the embryo or fetus and which signals the baby might show after birth. She will also provide tools for how you can supervise your child.

Sylvia Verduin has been accompanying parents for years with babies who have experienced something overwhelming. She can observe very subtle signals whether or not your child has fully processed it. Sylvia Verduin, mother of three children. Accompanied as a maternity nurse, pregnancy supervisor and baby massage teacher many parents and babies during pregnancy, birth and the first time after birth. Has worked for pediatricians for several years. Works as a baby therapist and kinesiologist in her own practice. She also gives lectures on integral attachment, pre- and perinatal psychology. Member of APPPAH. More information can be found at



My physicality in contact with my right to exist

with help of the Schüssler Cell Salt Mineral therapy A step closer to yourself

Your body can literally feel better; more life from and with your body, without feeling 'split off' ... Your body is yours and you may have lived 'together', short or long, in the safe bed of a womb, but each with an own body and own mind. How can you take your own body more so that your body works for you and supports you on your life path? From now on you live, act and live from yourself. Processes in our lives need to be fed to actually make the transformation. Working and living with the Schüssler Cell Salts is a way to understand and develop the language of your body. Themes as your own responsibility, taking your place, manifesting, own qualities, growth, energy level are all topics that are discussed in this interactive workshop.

Anoushka Ebbinge is naturopathic and cell salt therapist and takes you into the world of Cell Salts in this workshop: Minerals that we need on our path of life. Especially in times of insecurity and little 'embodiment' you really need these to feel strong and grounded.  


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