Aranka Reeuwijk 

Aranka Reeuwijk is a coach, author, and chairwoman of the Dutch foundation for alone born twins. She has specialized herself since 2012 in helping womb twin survivors or, as she named it in Dutch alone born twins. Aranka has been originally trained as a (psychosomatic) physiotherapist and has further trained in heart coherence, is a biofeedback therapist and from her knowledge and training as a CSR coach she has guided people with chronic stress and burnout. She is also trained in working with (family) constellations.

The story behind the complaint of everything has always had her fascination and after a personal search of 44 years she finally found out her own story. This has led to her being fully focused on the phenomenon of alone born twins. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is still too much unknown, while such early trauma can have major consequences. In 2014 her first book (I wish I was two dogs) came out on this subject. For this, she has been able to make contact with Althea Hayton (English psychologist who has done a lot of research on this subject).  Unfortunately, Althea is passed away. Aranka feels it as her mission to continue a part of Althea's work so that alone born twins receive the attention they deserve.

More information about her work: www.alleengeborentweelingen.nl


Monica Hudson

Monica Hudson is a transformational healer specializing in Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome (WTSS) and is the only trainee of Althea Hayton in the world.  She is a twinless twin and womb twin survivor with a background in transformational psychology and art therapy who began organizing workshops in NYC with Althea Hayton in 2009 and became the American representative for Womb Twin (English foundation). She launched an 11-step healing path called Twindividual in 2011, with impressive results that prove the validity of WTSS as well as the effectiveness of the techniques developed to manage and resolve it.  She works with all kinds of former and living twins and multiples to resolve prenatal imprints all over the world.  

More information on www.wombtwin.com or  on her personal website


Alfred Ramoda Austermann 

Alfred Austermann is a therapist and author (Drama in the Mother's Womb, The Lost Twin) and working with alone born twins in daily life. He is a psychologist and trained in psychodrama, bio-energetics, and biodynamic psychology. Creator of life-dance® body and dance therapy and Aqua-Release®Healing deep and prenatal trauma issue. He supervises systemic family therapy and constellations according to Bert Hellinger and Gunthard Weber, provides training in trauma therapy according to Fred Gallo and Peter Levine. Since 1985 he has been working in the field of psychotherapy and trauma therapy, specializing in family and systemic constellations and therapy of pre- and postnatal trauma and working internationally in English, German and French. Besides all this, he is the father of two girls.

More information: www.ifosys.de


Anna Verwaal

Anna Verwaal is a Maternal-Child Health Nurse, UCLA Certified Lactation Educator, Conscious Conception & Birth Consultant, Primal Period & Childbirth Educator, Midwifery & Doula Instructor and Birth Photographer and since1990 living and working in the USA. 

After a long career in clinical obstetrics and specialized home care in Los Angeles, she noticed that she would rather work individually with families and babies in preventing and healing birth trauma and started her own practice.

Currently, Anna travels around the world for lectures and workshops on the cellular memory of the birth experience, the physiological and hormonal blueprint of childbirth and attachment and the deep psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the birth process. She uses a combination of clinical knowledge, the latest developments in pre- and perinatal psychology, her own intuition and birth photography and the experiences she has gained over the past 25 years as a nurse, birth consultant and doula in different countries and cultures. in collaboration with gynecologists, midwives, and native midwives.

More information about Anna on: www.fromwombtoworld.com


Hannah Cuppen 

Hannah Cuppen (1973) is an integral therapist, trainer, and author. In her own practice, she guides people in profound processes. In addition to her experiential expertise, she has also specialized professionally in the dynamics of separation anxiety and fear of commitment. This resulted in her first book "Liefdesbang (Loveshy)" in 2014.

Based on this book, she gives training courses on overcoming separation anxiety and fear of commitment. Her book has been translated into German. In January 2018 her second book "Liefdesroep (Call for love)" was released.

More information about her background: www.hannahcuppen.nl

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