Friday 21st of June

Program is subject to change

Program 09:30 to 17:00 


From 9:00 registration

9:30 Opening day


9:45-10:45 Prenatal trauma and problems in general

A lecture by Anna Verwaal. It has now been scientifically proven that cellular memory of conception, pregnancy, and birth forms a deep imprint and has a great influence on all relationships in our lives. Not only the relationship with family members and friends but also our health, our work, and daily life is determined by this early pre-verbal, emotional and somatic imprint.

10:45 Pause

11:00- 12:00 Introduction to the world of alone-born twins: "Acknowledge an alone-born twin."

Aranka Reeuwijk will take you on a short tour through the world of the phenomenon of alone-born twins. How often does it happen that someone loses his twin in the womb? What are the effects of this on someone's life? And how can you recognize it with a client? Aranka will also share her own research results that are the result of the past five years.  

12:00 Pause


12:15-13:15 Twindividual Healing Path for womb twin survivors

Monica Hudson will present the Twindividual Healing Path (developed with Althea Hayton) along with real case studies that demonstrate its effectiveness.  The goal of the work is to make peace with traumatic womb experiences, such as the loss of our twin/multiple, and reclaim our rightful inheritance to life and self.  Learn tools for accessing and undoing prenatal imprints which result in unwanted symptoms and behaviors that can sabotage the lone survivor. Hear success stories that prove the validity of Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome and the techniques developed to manage and resolve it.  


13:15 Lunch


14:15-15:15 Lecture by Alfred Austermann

During this lecture, Alfred Austermann will go deeper into the consequences of this early trauma and associated grief and how it will probably affect later life. He shows therapeutic methods and healing pathways for people who have lost twins. And how he daily has to deal with people in whom the trauma of the child in the womb is not accessible through verbal methods.


15:15 Pause


15:30 Three interviews with two alone-born twins and a mother of a single-born twin

What is it like to know all your life that you had a twin brother but you never realized what the effect of his death was on your life? 



16:30 our Closing the day an time to ask your questions.

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