Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd in the year 2019,  the Dutch foundation ATN organized the first Dutch (partly international) conference about and for alone born twins, aka womb twin survivors or vanishing twin syndrome.

It is our mission to make this phenomenon more familiar so that alone born twins will feel better understood and taken seriously. In society and also within the world of professionals, there is still too little attention and familiarity with this phenomenon (syndrome) while it can color someone's life extremely. We hope to provide more insights within these two days.  


Friday, June 21st

"Acknowledge an alone born twin."


The first (international) conference in the Netherlands for professionals about the impact of prenatal loss on a surviving twins life.


It happens to 1 in 10 people. They begin their lives in the womb as twins or multiple twins and eventually, they are born alone. The rejection of the embryo often takes place early in the pregnancy (weeks 4-12) so it is often unnoticed by midwives or mothers. While this trauma has a significant influence on the person that is born. Through this unconscious trauma they often get stuck in life in all kinds of areas, such as in work, relationships and health, often with a high degree of depression and anxiety. 

With more recognition and acknowledge by professionals for the phenomenon of  "alone born twins", much suffering can be prevented and a client can get the help that is really needed much sooner. Instead of a wrong diagnosis or use of medication which is often the case now.
During this first conference, scientific research on alone born twins, experience stories of therapists and clients will be brought together. Participants will gain knowledge which will help them recognize this syndrome and better supervise a successful course of treatment. 


After this conference day, you have
  • A better picture of the consequences of a prenatal trauma on a baby;

  • A view of the facts and figures of alone born twins; How often does it occur? And how can you recognize this during pregnancy?

  • A better picture of the complaints that alone born twins often have to deal with in their lives and how these complaints can be quickly confused with diagnoses such as Borderline, ADD / ADHD etc.

  • Insight into how to better guide alone born twins to more peace and light in their lives.


This day is intended for
  • Gynecologists, midwives, maternity nurses.

  • Care providers in mental health care (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, social psychiatric nurses) 

  • (Psycho) therapists who, for example, work with EMDR, yoga, mindfulness, haptotherapy, family constellations or other (body-oriented) treatment methods 

  • Relational and family therapists, social workers, and coaches. 

  • Anyone who is otherwise professionally or personally interested in this subject.


More info and program.

Saturday, June 22st

"I wanna feel I am alive."

This day is for you as an alone born twin yourself. Between the lectures and workshops, there will be enough time to talk with other alone born twins.

This day there will be given two lectures. The first one will be also in English if there is enough interest. (Please contact us if you have an interest.)

Some of the workshops will also be possible to follow if you don't speak Dutch because of there non-verbal form.

Conference June 21 -22 2019 

Alone born twins in the light 

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