Board members

Stichting Alleengeboren Tweelingen Nederland (St. ATN) was founded on December 21st, 2017. 



Aranka Reeuwijk Willems

Aranka Reeuwijk-Willems, the founder of the foundation, works in daily life as a therapist/coach/trainer specifically for womb twin survivors. From her own experience, but also from her daily work she knows better than anyone what it is like to have an inexplicable feeling of 'missing someone' and how important it is to take the time to mourn and give your loss a place. "Only when you have taken up space for mourning, you can love again and take your own place and step into life, and I wish every womb twin survivor just that!"

"Every soul has the right of its own place."


Eveline Noordegraaf

In daily life, she is a coach with a focus on behavior. Amazes herself with the "why people do what they do". Is increasingly training in pre-, perinatal and early childhood problems and guides the adults of today. After all, everyone was a child. “I came alone with a reason. I can lead my own life without restraining myself because my other half did not come along.

"Everyone can live their own lives without restraining themselves."

Board member

Gerdien Keizer

In her work, she sees how people can struggle with standing up for themselves to experience that they can just be there and know who they really are. She herself has discovered that she is the survivor of a triplet. When she found out, it was as if all the puzzle pieces of her life suddenly fell together. "I understood and could, therefore, begin a process of healing. This has given me so much peace and self-worth."


The Foundation Only Born Twins Netherlands is important to share knowledge about Only Born Twins / multiple births. To provide tools to further organize your life in such a way that you remain in control.

"My wish is that people experience the power of being an alone born twin."