Purpose of the foundation

General purpose

The purpose of the foundation is to make the phenomenon of alone born twins more known and furthermore all that in the broadest sense is connected with, and/or conducive to this.


The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by:
- provide information via the website, information packages, lectures, and other channels if necessary or desirable;
- (scientific) research, organizing lectures and congresses for professionals in health care and education, to create more awareness so that alone born twins can be helped better;
- creating a library of (inter)national literature;
- organizing an annual conference with national and international speakers
- organizing courses/ training to individuals, groups, and caregivers;
- realizing a physical place where single-born twins can be helped in the future.


The Foundation does not aim to make a profit.


Board composition

Aranka Reeuwijk-Willems, president

Eveline Noordegraaf, vice-president/ treasurer

Gerdien Keizer, secretary


The members of the board receive no remuneration for their activities. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.


Policy plan

Our policy plan can be requested soon.


Realization of goals in 2018

The above goals will be realized from 2018 onwards. In order of urgency.

The website is designed. Every month we plan afternoons for which our target group can register to be present. Afternoon means to provide information and exchange experiences.

At least four readings will be scheduled, spread throughout the country. With the aim of knowledge transfer concerning alone born twins.

A first start will be made for research. It will be decided whether there is a possibility to obtain financial support from funds.

In 2019, 21 and 22 June, an (inter) national conference will be organized. For this, the preparations will start in 2018.



Stichting Alleenborn Tweelingen Nederland has an ANBI status. This makes donations and donations to our foundation possible as a deductible item in your tax declaration. ATN Foundation runs 100% on volunteers and is not dependent on subsidies.
We try to keep our finances healthy by means of entrepreneurial thinking, where we, among other things, focus on the organization of meetings, workshops, lectures, and congresses. Your donation helps us to achieve our goals.


IBAN: NL73 TRIO 033 88 22 828 in the name of Alleengeboren Tweelingen

RSIN: 8582.87.808

Chamber of Commerce number: 70357951